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Workations for
Foodie Nomads

Travel • Eat • Cowork • Repeat

Let's Go To Chapter 10
Tbilisi, Georgia

Image by Mike Swigunski

We invite you to a 10 days program that combines Remote Work with immersive Culinary Experiences around Georgian flavours such as great khachapuri, ghomi and boranos, all balanced with productivity boost, skillshares & workshops.

10 days full of networking, deep connections with like-minded people and rediscovering yourself through authentic food experience and mindful relationships.

Real Voices, Real Opinions:
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What To Expect

Are you a digital nomad or remote worker feeling lonely and longing for deeper connections?

Look no further!
Our workations are specifically designed for nomads like you, and they offer the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals over delicious local cuisine

On the workation, you'll have the chance to explore new exciting destinations, try authentic dishes and meet fellow digital nomads who share your love of community, food and adventure.
Whether you're seeking new friendships or just looking to break out of your daily routine, this is the your solution 

Join the community to get motivated and confident to evelate your life through immersive, transformative experiences


Our mission is to build a community of bright minded individuals that are ambitious in their professional life and capable of appreciating simple things in life such as good balanced food, nature, sun and active lifestyle.

Having met each other on a retreat and had traveled together to various countries,we know how important is community surrounding you.

We are striving to build a non judgemental supporting environment for each participant while enjoying the best picks of international flavors.

Meet The Founders


Ola & Fede are a dynamic duo of diverse passions blending seamlessly.

Ola, a Ukranian spirited nomad with a love for white wine, cheese, and a knack for event organizing, has evolved into a mindful entrepreneur steering her ship through the realms of performance marketing.

Fede, an Italian lover of red wine and meat, is not just a successful basketball content creator, but also an published author with a taste for life's simple joys

Together, they've crafted The Eatinerant, a fusion of their worlds – where Fede's love for cooking, exploring and people meets Ola's passion for travel, leadership, and establishing connections.
This unique venture brings you a delightful mix of flavors, stories, and experiences, making The Eatinerant a journey you won't want to miss.
Find here the essence of life through food, travel, and the joy found in the simplest moments.

Pick Your Next
2024 Destination!

Given the high demand for these trips, we encourage you to join the waiting list.
This will allow us to reach out to you, have a friendly chat, schedule a call,
and explore if you could be the perfect fit for the experiences we organize!




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Koh Samui


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Travel • Eat • Cowork • Repeat

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